Floor cleaning machines in the Southampton area

Cleaning floors with efficient and easy to use sweepers and scrubber dryers.

If you’re looking for one or more floor cleaning machines for your company, we have the solution that suits your needs. At Southampton Cleaning Equipment we specialise in the sale of equipment for industrial and commercial cleaning. Our machines are designed and built to last over time, offering high productivity and ease of use, while keeping operating costs and environmental impact to a minimum. We supply a wide range of machines, and each model can be customised according to the application, to achieve a tailored solution that delivers impressive results. Our team is at your complete disposal for no-obligation advice, we pride ourselves not only on supporting our customers in choosing the ideal machine for their needs and but also building long lasting relationships.

Floor Scrubbers and Industrial Sweepers

Sweepers and scrubbers are a critical tool for cleaning floors in a range of applications from industrial facilities and logistics centres to commercial businesses and public spaces. When choosing the right machine for the job it is important to consider the square metres to be cleaned, the type of floor, the type and amount of dirt present, and the intended use of the space.

Contexts and sectors

Production facilities: metal, food processing, pharmaceutical, wood processing industries
Logistics: warehouses and large-scale logistics centres
Parking: covered or uncovered; corporate or public use; including multi-level car parks, even with steep access ramps.
Commercial spaces: Exhibition centres, shopping centres, showrooms, stores.
Transport: Airports, ports, stations, and other spaces with a high foot fall of people.
Spaces dedicated to sport (gyms, stadiums, sports fields…) to culture (museums, libraries, schools…), or entertainment, and tourism. 

Floors and types of dirt

Identifying the type of dirt present is critical in choosing the most suitable cleaning machine. At a basic level, it helps to understand whether a sweeper or scrubber is required, but more detailed information helps choose the right model and customise it to maximise performance.

A floor sweeper is suitable for dry debris and dust, and here the weight and size of the particles are important in determining the ideal brush and the optimal type of filter.

A scrubber dryer is an indispensable tool for removing ingrained dirt, food debris, grease stains, and generally for the deep sanitisation of floors. Depending on the context, type of floor, and the dirt present, the choice of brush, drying system or other auxiliary functions may vary. 

Need to sweep or scrub?

We are specialised in the sale and servicing of floor cleaning machines in the Southampton area.

Whether you are looking for a single machine or an entire fleet we are at your disposal for advice, sales, and technical assistance.

If you need to professionally sweep floors which are covered in dry debris or dust, we have a wide range of machines to suit your needs. From compact walk behind manual sweepers to a high performing ride on units with an hourly productivity rate of up to 30,000 m2.

If you’re looking to effectively remove engrained dirt and leave floors immediately dry and ready for foot traffic, then a floor scrubber could be the perfect tool. Our machines are designed to operate in the most demanding contexts, guaranteeing high standards of cleanliness, ease of use, and low operating costs. 

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