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Professional Sweepers and Scrubber Dryers in the Southampton area

We specialise in providing high-quality cleaning solutions through the sale, rental, and servicing of sweepers and scrubber dryers in the Southampton and the surrounding area.

We offer the best machines on the market for your business’s specific needs. We know how important it is to choose the right equipment for your facility, so let our experienced team support you in finding the ideal solution for your requirements. 

At Southampton Cleaning Equipment we are also committed to providing exceptional after-sales assistance, ensuring your machine is always in optimum working condition, and allowing you to concentrate on the job in hand. 

With the correct floor cleaning machine, you will achieve better cleaning results, save time, and lower you operating costs.

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Our comprehensive range of industrial sweepers and scrubbers is designed to handle all types of dirt and any size floor.
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Scrubberd Dryers and Sweepers for hire in Southampton


Short or long term. If you’re not looking to purchase, our flexible hire solutions could be a great alternative, with the possibility of replacing the equipment as your needs change.


Specialised technicians and original spare parts guarantee that your machines maintain optimum cleaning performance and last over time. Click the button for discover more.

Our Products

We have a complete range of walk-behind and ride-on sweepers and scrubbers, which is tailored to any application. The machines are available in different versions and can be customised to better respond to your specific needs.

Our floor cleaning machines are suitable for different applications such as commercial offices, logistics centres, warehouses, manufacturing facilities, and even demanding environments such as the metal industries.

The largest sweeper in the range has an hourly productivity rate of 30,000 m2/h. We offer compact manual sweepers and machines powered by battery, which are perfect for indoor use, or machines with petrol, diesel or LPG engines which can provide more autonomy.

Our range of scrubber dryers is the perfect ally to ensure floors are clean and immediately ready for traffic, with machines that can cover floor areas from 200 to several thousand square metres.

The innovative technologies present on our floor cleaning machines guarantee maximum cleaning performance while significantly reducing your operating costs.

Completing the range, we have a combi machine for sweeping and scrubbing, and a revolutionary machine for cleaning escalators and moving walkways.

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Scrubber Dryers

Scrubber Dryers

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